Founded in 1934 by William Bankjewelite trim
Inventor of Jewelite® trim-cap, for dimensional channel letter signs

What We Do

Jewelite™ Signs is the world leader in the development of sign making industry, with our patented Jewelite™ Trim for channel letter signs. Jewelite™ is also the home for affordable custom commercial signage in the New Jersey/Tristate area since 1934. Our family owned and operated company caters to different businesses including trade shows, restaurants, retail stores, moving companies, shipping companies, real estate agencies and corporate offices.

By utilizing “state-of-the-art” equipment, we create eye-catching promotional signage and lettering with top-quality 3M Vinyl for your business.

Call Jewelite™ Signs today at
(908) 672-9999 to order your custom sign!

With almost 80 years of expertise, we use the highest quality materials for all your customized lettering and signage as well as providing a wide variety of type styles, symbols, coloring and sizes.

You’ll find any combination customized to suit your marketing strategy and business needs. We help companies brand themselves in their office, store, front or vehicle.

Call Jewelite™Signs at (908) 672-9999 to promote your business today!

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